After 15 years of struggle, this entrepreneur is finally living her dream.

“Renu’s advice to budding entrepreneurs? “Always live your dream, no matter how long it takes to get there.”

Meet Renu Choudhari, a woman with a fresh and positive attitude towards life. Her venture, Renuka Multiservices, sailed through troubled waters for a long time, 15 years to be precise, before it finally became a well-established company.

Entrepreneurship or nothing

The idea of becoming an entrepreneur had been playing on Renu’s mind since a long time. This prompted her to join a professional training course at the Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, situated in Aurangabad. And it proved to be a good decision. The program gave her much-needed insights on the basics of entrepreneurship. Upon completing the course, Renu was all fired up to start her own business in Aurangabad, but circumstances compelled her to return to Pune. However, this did not deter the gritty woman. She decided to launch her business in Pune, without wasting any more time.

Fate in the form of a friend intervenes

Sometimes, friends can be of more service than they imagine. This is what happened to Renu. Her friend advised her to visit deAsra and explore if the mentors here could lend her a hand. Renu took up her suggestion, and quickly took an appointment with deAsra. deAsra mentors swung into action, and helped her generate a project report for loan applications. And in no time at all, Renu got a loan for her business set up sanctioned. Meanwhile, while looking to gain crucial tips from experienced entrepreneurs on the dos and don’ts of starting a business, Renu chanced upon deAsra’s Yashaswi Udyojak magazine, which gave her even more clarity. Now all she had to do was launch her business.

 From sheer will to a flour mill

Since Renu had set her sights on starting a flour mill, she bought a pulveriser to kick start work. What’s more, she also was lucky to find the perfect location for her business set up – a shop in the bustling neighbourhood of Pirangut. Renuka Multiservices was soon going full steam ahead, with the deAsra team providing assistance by regularly monitoring the company’s progress and ensuring it stayed on track.

Today, Renuka Multiservices is equipped with 4 grinding machines and caters to different kinds of grinding orders – which explains why Renu chose to call it ‘Multiservices.’ Her advice to budding entrepreneurs? “Always live your dream, no matter how long it takes to get there.”

In the near future, Renu plans to add 3 more machines to further diversify her service portfolio. This energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur will definitely go a long way, taking her business to new heights! The deAsra team wishes her the best of success.


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