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  • 8 Weeks Free Online Program, needing only 4 hours/week of the participant’s time.
  • Focus on digital marketing & improving cash flows.
  • Expert led workshops, 1-1 action planning & reviews, networking, and much more!
  • Access to discounted deAsra services & mentors
  • Publicity on deAsra’s social channels

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Improving Cash Flows

Steps How to do this? What is this?
Step 1 - Assess the performance of your business Use Tool: Business Performance Assessment This will tell you at a business level the performance of your business against 5 key indicators, typically monitored for a small business.
Step 2 - Understand the basics of finance Look out for our next Webinar: Finance for Non-Finance Understand the basics of finance and how to keep a book of accounts. You may choose to keep a book of accounts yourself or use our Accounting service.
Step 3 - Improve Cash flow of your business
  1. Cash flow assessment & improvement
  2. Expert Consultancy
  3. Tools:
    1. Inflow / Outflow Tracker
    2. budget tracker
  4. Templates: Sales Register Agewise Debtors AgeWise Creditors
Look out for our next Webinar: Cash flow management Learnings from the Webinar: What is cash flow management? Its importance, How to assess the cash flow problem? How to correct the cash flow problem?

Improving Marketing

Steps and deAsra’s Resources How to do this? What is this?
Step 1 - Assess your Marketing Plan Use the Marketing Plan Assessment Checklist It is a set of questions based on seven key components of a marketing plan. Based on the outcome of the analysis a marketing plan can be prepared.
Step 2 - Understand the Basics of Marketing Watch our smart marketer’s videos on deCademy Embrace the world of digital technology and all the modern ways of marketing to be a SMART MARKETER.
Step 3 - Improve the marketing of your business
  1. Online Starter Pack
  2. Social Media Marketing
Follow the steps as mentioned in the deCademy videos to create your online presence This is a process to create your online presence on different digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google my business, etc and thereby increasing your online visibility and sales

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Features and Benefits


To start, grow or  for working capital needs.

De-risk business before it starts

Business planning helps to set up a structured business and saves time and resources in the long run.

De-risk business before it starts

Business planning helps to set up a structured business and saves time and resources in the long run.


dependent –
The maximum repayment period is up to 5 years


Equated Weekly Installments or Equated Monthly Installments.

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Small Businesses Supported

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Free Online Business Guides


  • The “Back on Track” Program is an 8-week Program for small businesses in cities of Maharashtra to help them recover and grow. The Program focuses on marketing and cash flow management.
  • 20 businesses will be selected from cities of Maharashtra through an open call for application.
  • The Program will consist of expert-led workshops, action planning & business review sessions with experts, access to discounted business services, exposure to relevant reading material, videos, case studies and networking opportunities with peers.

Businesses which meet the above mentioned eligibility criteria and the terms & conditions of this Program can apply, along with:

  • Small business owners with a B2C business ie. who sell products/services for the end customer use.
  • Businesses that are located in Municipal Corporation or Municipality limits in the state of Maharashtra.
  • Small business owners over the age of 18 can apply.


  • Your business is located in cities of Maharashtra
  • A major part of the revenue should be directly from customers as against other businesses.
  • Should be profitable for at least 6 months before March 2020 as demonstrated through bank statements at a minimum.
  • Must have maintained a full-time staff of 2-5 employees before March 2020.
  • Business Age should be a minimum of 1 year. (before March 2020)
  • Attend with Laptop/ Desktop
  • Basic understanding of Social Media
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Commitment for the entire duration of workshops, post-event PR, photos, videos

You can apply by clicking on the “Apply Now” button and/or fill the application form given on this page.

  • Application start date: 1st Sept 2020
  • Program begin date: 21st Sept 2020
  • Graduation ceremony: Last week of Nov 2020

No. You must be a business owner with a minimum of 1-year experience in the same business prior to March 2020.

Post the Program, we will provide access to the relevant Program resources and share experiences & learnings, which you can apply to your business. 

Yes, the application should be submitted between 1st to 12th September 2020.

No. You can participate with only 1 business.

If your business meets all the requirements of the eligibility criteria and passes the first selection round for the Program, you will get a call from our team for a telephone interview and information validation. Top 20 applicants will receive a call and an email explaining the next steps, once they are selected.

Yes. The Top 3 businesses showing the most growth will get:

  • Cash Award of Rs. 75K, 50K, 25K.
  • Rs 10K deAsra Services Credits.
  • Social Media Marketing package.(worth
    Rs 20,000)

Our partners in the journey

deAsra, in association with several organisations, has taken up the cause of promoting mass entrepreneurship. Such organisations include funding partners, service partners, like-minded NGOs and CSRs that work towards generating jobs through entrepreneurship, and entrepreneur clubs.